Love, lies, mythology and murder on the seas of ancient Greece.
WHY CANNIBALS?   by Mike Warren

Mike looks into Homer's Odyssey, and digs out more than one uncomfortable question.

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Homer's Odyssey tells a great many stories, each one an inseparable weave of undisputed facts, historical likelihoods, believable exaggerations, convenient narrative fictions, and bare-faced lies. In addition to better-known tales of bravery, cunning and...

This play is an interpretation of a passage which, in contrast to such a wealth of detail, is very short, very bloody, and very puzzling. It's about halfway through the text (10. 34-164), and we join the story during Odysseus' own recollection of events ...

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Time runs out for Odysseus.


Things get serious by the riverbank.


Trouble brews between host and guest.


The Ithacans and Laestrygonians grow closer.


Odysseus and his men recover after their ordeal.


Odysseus begins to tell the story of how he survived disaster.

GARETH LUKE   Sound designer

Gareth is a Bristol-based sound designer, music producer and all-round audio buff. Never one to shy away from a new challenge, his work has taken him all the way from Bristolian post-production houses to the Hungarian Cultural Center in Berlin. You can follow @GazLuke on Twitter, or find him (as Discotic) at Soundcloud and YouTube.

RE-INTERPRETED, PART I   by Dylan Spicer

Across a series of articles, Dylan charts other efforts to re-write Homer's great epic. This week, he looks at two kinds of Ulysses.

SIGNAL TO NOISE   by Mike Warren

How does one tell a whole story using only the human voice? Mike takes a famous tall tale and finds meaning in the medium.

WHAT I LEARNED   by Mike Warren

In what he hopes is an affably informal article and not a scruffy, unqualified and overly-personalised rant, Mike shares a first-timer's perspective on recording an audio drama.

MEET THE CAST   by Mike Warren

We've just finished recording Giant Cannibals. After three exhausting days in-studio, I'm delighted to introduce you to our talented and hard-working cast. Expect plenty more to come; in the meantime, you can view their profiles by by following the links. The full list of contributors can also be found in our People section.

DIVINE WINDS   by Dylan Spicer

Dylan explores the balance of coincidence and plausibility in The Odyssey.

THE SOURCE, PART VI   by Mike Warren

A disguised Odysseus finds Ithaca to be very different from how he left it.


Mike asks what a monster really is, and what fictional monsters can tell us about ourselves.

CANNIBAL MYTHS   by Dylan Spicer

Dylan charts the significance of the cannibal taboo in storytelling, and asks how this changes the way we see the Laestrygonians.

SOMETHING TO HIDE   by Mike Warren

So we don't trust Odysseus. But what ugly truth might convince him to spin his stories?

THE SOURCE, PART V   by Mike Warren

After ten years at sea, Odysseus returns to Ithaca.

TELLING THE TRUTH   by Mike Warren

Is our hero's own account reliably narrated, or are we right to lose the plot?

THE SOURCE, PART IV   by Mike Warren

Odysseus' story comes to an end, as he explains his time with witches, monsters and the dead.

THE OLD AND THE NEW   by Mike Warren

Can one of our culture's most venerated texts tolerate being re-imagined so liberally? We think so, and here's why.

THE SOURCE, PART III   by Mike Warren

Odysseus continues to tell his story. After a brush with the Cyclops, Odysseus' homeward journey is thrown violently off course. Giant Cannibals focuses on this section, because we don't think our hero is telling the truth.

THE SOURCE, PART II   by Mike Warren

Shipwrecked on Scheria and exposed for who he really is, Odysseus begins to tell his story. This is the Cyclops bit, by the way.

THE PROJECT   by Mike Warren

Giant Cannibals is a six-part audio drama series, based on a hidden story in Homer's Odyssey. It was written by Dylan Spicer and Mike Warren, and recorded at Attic Attack Studios in Bristol.

THE SOURCE, PART I   by Mike Warren

The Odyssey is the second-oldest surviving text in Western literature. Here's a ham-fisted attempt to summarise it in eight easy chunks.

JOURNEY TO LAMOS   by Mike Warren

Giant Cannibals is a re-telling of The Odyssey's single bloodiest massacre (see for yourself in Book 10, lines 34-164). According to our hero, a race of flesh-eating monsters is responsible for the unprovoked slaughter of Odysseus' men. But what really happened? And why does he explain it so poorly?

WHAT IS TRANSMEDIA?   by Dylan Spicer

How can a single story be told in many different ways? And how can this help new writers? Dylan's here to find out.

MIKE WARREN   Writer, director, web designer

Mike came to Dylan with a script idea in 2013. The story turned out to be an interesting one. Mike lives in Bristol, and spends his time on 35mm photography, travel journalism and programming. Giant Cannibals is Mike's first feature-length production. Mike reads his emails and tweets from @MediumThrills.

DYLAN SPICER   Writer, producer

Dylan graduated from Brighton Film School and and went on to complete an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. He has worked on award-winning short and feature films. He also contributes to the entertainment website, and you can email him or find him on Twitter too.

MATT GARDNER   plays Odysseus

By day, Matt writes about video games for money. By night, he writes fiction and vlogs for Bros With Fros. You can buy his first volume of flash fiction on Kindle, and he’s working on a short story collection based upon various myths. Check out his work over at Fuzzy Pixels.

ELLA GAMBLE   plays Anthea

Ella Gamble recently graduated from the East 15 Acting School with a BA in Acting. Since then, she has been involved in a number of productions, and has just finished a run of three new plays at the Hoxton Gallery. Originally from North Yorkshire, she now lives in South London. See here for Ella's Spotlight profile.

THEO FRASER   plays Lupios

Theo is a Bristol-based actor, currently focusing on building his portfolio as a screen actor. He is also touring his one-man comedy show ‘Pretentious’ around various South West venues. You can find out more at Theo's Spotlight profile, and he tweets from @theofraser.


Sebastian's distinctive voice conceals an unusual range of interests. A reformed physicist and qualified train driver, he whiles away his spare time taking photographs with old cameras, running half-marathons, playing piano, and restoring classic cars. Giant Cannibals is Sebastian's first voice acting role.

ALAN BROWN   plays Antiphates and Aiolos

Alan most recently played Arthur Birling in the Saint Paul’s Players production of An Inspector Calls. He's worked extensively in South London, appearing in Frost/Nixon, The Merchant of Venice, Endgame, Oliver!, Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens, School for Scandal, Blackbird, Oleanna and All My Sons.

JENNIFER MUNBY   plays Agnes

Jennifer is an experienced and versatile actress and voice artist. Her broad palette of accents puts her at ease playing authority figures, prostitutes, eccentrics, wives and mothers. She's appeared in award-winning films, TV, radio, theatre, commercials, animations and music videos. Find out more at Jennifer's website.

SEAN COLLEDGE   plays Statheros

Sean is a member and chairman of Southville amateur theatre group SPP Theatre Company, with whom he has directed three plays, and played roles such as Stoppard's Rosencrantz. He's currently rehearsing for the role of Alex in The Little Dog Laughed, showing at the Alma Tavern from 15th July 2014.

ISABELLE PAIGE   plays Beatrix

A trained actress and singer, Isabelle has worked in the musical theatre, theatre and film industries since 2010. Current projects include a tour of Behind the Blinds for Serrated Edge Theatre, and the feature film Bad Medicine, which is due for release in 2015. For more information, see Isabelle's full résumé.

DAVID COLE   plays Gelastos

David is a Bristol-based actor with diverse credits in TV, short film and theatre. You can read more about David's extensive experience on his Spotlight profile.