Love, lies, mythology and murder on the seas of ancient Greece.
THE PROJECT   by Mike Warren

Giant Cannibals is a six-part audio drama series, based on a hidden story in Homer's Odyssey. It was written by Dylan Spicer and Mike Warren, and recorded at Attic Attack Studios in Bristol.

JOURNEY TO LAMOS   by Mike Warren

Giant Cannibals is a re-telling of The Odyssey's single bloodiest massacre (see for yourself in Book 10, lines 34-164). According to our hero, a race of flesh-eating monsters is responsible for the unprovoked slaughter of Odysseus' men. But what really happened? And why does he explain it so poorly?

WHAT IS TRANSMEDIA?   by Dylan Spicer

How can a single story be told in many different ways? And how can this help new writers? Dylan's here to find out.